Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Melbourne and turning 30

So... I found this post just now. Written but not published. Oops! Such a shame, I thought. These are some great memories. And we were just reminiscing this a few days ago. So here it is. Better late than never. Our "Turning 30 Melbourne Trip".

Jonathan and I were exceptionally privileged enough to spend 5 whole days in Melbourne WITHOUT the kids last month.This has been a trip in planning for a couple of years now, as my wonderful friend Daniel and I have been preparing for our 30th birthdays this year. And as Jonathan and I are lucky enough to have amazing parents who cared for our kids while we were away, the trip became a reality. So Daniel, Althea, Suresh, Jonathan and myself boarded a plane and flew east for the JAD Birthday Melbourne Extravaganza.

While the trip was a rather early birthday event for me (I don't turn 30 until September), it was only a week before Daniel's birthday. Oh how I love Melbourne. Its many twists and turns, ally ways and hidden gems mean there is never a dull moment and always something interesting to see and do. Oh and how can I forget the food. I feel like really, all we did was eat. But boy did we eat well. We had some slow mornings (which was a very nice change to normal daily routine) and explored new restaurants and enjoyed being in each others company. Oh and in true fashion when we all get together, we laughed... a lot.

 Federation Square Station

 We found book shops galore which always feeds the soul.

 Look closely, I think the building is a little crooked...

 Just one of the amazing meals we consumed.

One of the major highlights for me was visiting the CERES Community Environment Garden. It was a hidden treasure which Althea stumbled upon last time she visited Melbourne and she was right in believing that Daniel and I would love it. We took a beautiful walk along the river, Ukuleles in hand of course.

 When we arrived at the garden, I just about started to cry. It was so beautiful and I realised that this is what I would love o do with my time. In Perth, especially the northern suburbs, there is nothing like this amazing space. Any community would only grow richer by having a magical organic space like this in its midst.

Turning 30 with these friends, in this place, was wonderful. Is it time to go back yet?

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