Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Boxing Day

For a few months now we have been collecting cardboard boxes. And I don't mean just a few cereal boxes or milk cartons. I mean every cardboard box that has passed through our house for the last 3 months. Big, small, thin, fat. Any shape or size. Needless to say the corner of our dining room was slowly filling half way to the ceiling.

Why, you may ask, did we begin such a conquest? For Boxing Day. Not the day after Christmas where we lazily sit all day watching the Boxing Day Cricket match eating Christmas left overs and drinking beer. No. We have been preparing for the day when we would unleash our creative selves onto the biggest pile of boxes we could manage to cultivate.

We picked a fairly cool day (it is the middle of summer for those playing abroad) and waited patiently for our friends to arrive and just as they did... Oh no! It's raining! Typical. We had to pick the one day it rains in the middle of summer. We rescued our boxes from a short shower and while we waited for it to pass, we energised our bodies with some morning tea. Then it was building time!

It took some time for the girls to plan, design, debate, organise and redesign before commencing building, but once they got going, they were unstoppaable.

Oops! Memory made. The girls were very careful to cutting the boxes with a knife but Ada's finger wanted to play.

  Jack in the box. Boo!

 Even the chooks wanted to see what we were doing.

  It started to rain again so we quickly rebuilt the castle fort and hid away while the rain came down. Good opportunity for some morning tea too. Second morning tea that is.

 Time for some Art and Craft

Best. Day. Ever. It was so amazing to see what their imaginations could create from something as simple as a cardboard box. Endless possibilities.

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