Sunday, 26 April 2015

Family and Tepees

Do you ever feel that life is moving too fast? How is it that it is almost the end of April already? Well this Anzac Day long weekend we made a very conscious decision that we would slow down the clock and spend some intentional time together this weekend, just the four of us. Saturday morning was spent in our PJ's reading stories, listening to music, playing and simply being together. Oliver woke from his afternoon nap seriously grumpy, so we decided it was time to get out of the house, and after all it was a beautiful afternoon. We headed to one of favourite local spots, The Forrest (otherwise known as Wanneroo Pine Plantation). It was just what we all needed. Connecting with God's creation, exploring, finding, imagining, breathing and listening. Peace.

The kids settled into exploration mode very quickly and it wasn't long before Gracie decided we needed to make a tepee. Inspired by our good friend Daniel (the one and only Unky Dan Dan) who had taught us how to make one at Educated by Nature, we quickly set to work finding the biggest sticks we could find.

Gracie said she felt so strong.

It took some serious thinking and concentrating faces but we worked out how to get the sticks to balance on one another to create a strong forte.Gracie and Ollie were so proud of what we had created together.

We brought home two tired and very grubby but content and happy children that afternoon. All in all, a day well spent.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Princess Gracie turns 5

5 years? Seriously, when did that happen? That doesn't even seem real (kinda starts to make me feel a bit old too). How did I become the mother of a 5 year old, who is at school full time, who dresses herself and chooses her own clothes? Can write her name and the names of everyone in our family. Can dial her grandparent's phone numbers by herself and call them up "just to have a chat". Can make her own lunch and pour herself wheatbix in the morning. How is it my baby girl can now do all these things... without me? Yes I know, it's actually not about me but 5 is a big number (I'm sure I will probably say this every year she turns a year older) and it takes some getting used to. My baby girl is growing up.

And can I say, I could not be prouder. Her smile lights up the room when she enters and her giggle is pure happiness. She has this quirky sense of humour which is truly her own and she loves it when she can make you laugh. Those big blue eyes, which are the same blue as mine, fill me with overwhelming pride, that for this time God has allowed us to hold onto her.

My Easter baby, born on Easter 5 years ago celebrated her 5th birthday on Easter Saturday with some of her closest family and friends and it was a wonderful morning. Upon Gracie's request we had a princess themed party complete with face painting (thank you Aunty Althea), crown making, yummy food, pass the parcel and of course, a princess party would not be complete without a frozen themed cake.




 We were so lucky to have Aunty Steph and Aunty Tracey fly over for the Easter long weekend, which meant they could be there for Gracie's party! Steph and Tracey also surprised Gracie and Ollie with two new additions to our chicken family- two baby silky bantam hens. So adorable!

Birthday party success! Happy birthday my beautiful princess. May this year bring you peace and joy and many fun adventures. You are so loved, our Gracie Girl.