Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Giants

This weekend, little old Perth was greeted with two friendly giants- the Little Girl Giant and the Diver Giant. They are here this weekend to open Perth's International Arts Festival and share with us their amazing story. They are also here to share a story of the Anzac's. You can read all about their story here...

We decided this was a once in a lifetime event and definitely something worth venturing into the city, with hundred's of thousands of others to witness first hand these amazing creations.

We drove in early and had breakfast at the Perth City Farmers Markets (which as a side note is really worth visiting. Amazing organic produce and the cafe has incredible food). We then caught a bus into town and made our way down to the horseshoe bridge where the Diver Giant was peacefully sleeping. We did catch a glimpse of the Little Girl Giant on our way past Langley Park but due to the sheer amount of people that were in the city, it was too hard to try and stop to see both giants.

We patiently waited in the sunshine for almost 1.5 hours. There were some sort of delays which meant the Diver awoke almost an hour past schedule, but let me tell you, it was totally worth every minute we waited.

 Time to wake up Diver.

To say that he was AWEsome, would be an understatement. Gave me goosebumps.

Time for a walk Diver.

Watching the men and women puppeteers at work was incredible. So physical. It took two men jumping off the crane holding onto a rope to move one leg. Two people were swinging back and forth with ropes to move one arm. 


 The kids were so patient and once the Diver was up and started to move, they were completely mesmerised. Oliver wasn't sure whether to be scared or amazed. I think he was a little of both but it wasn't long before he was waving constantly at the Diver Giant.

A second crane lifted the Diver Giant over the pedestrian bridge so he could continue his journey down Wellington Street. Goodbye Diver Giant. What a privilege it was to have been able to witness such creative genius. I'm still in awe.