Thursday, 6 February 2014

Let's get messy!

Paint! So much creativity on one plate. This was Ollie's first real get-down-and-dirty experience of paint. Be it laziness, distraction or fear, I realised I hadn't yet properly introduced Oliver to paint. Well, let me tell you this introduction did not disappoint. Four colours turned into a pallet of rainbow- not just on the paper. It took less than 5 minutes for their own bodies to turn into the canvas. I am so glad I had the camera out to capture these moments!

Of course the only thing to do after an activity like this is straight in the bath. Although, I forgot to pack away the paints before the bath. Immediately after Ollie got out of the bath he ran outside and straight back to the paint. Rookie mistake. Rookie mistake. Thankfully he only got one hand to it before I grabbed him. We almost had two baths that morning and much more than a table to clean up!

Fremantle impromptu photoshoot

A couple of weeks ago, on the Australia Day long weekend, we ventured down to Fremantle for an afternoon. Gracie went down a bit earlier with Nanna and Grandpa and Aunty Rachel on the train. As we were having a wander around a couple of interesting back streets to meet up with them, I noticed a really cute bakery (which was shut at the time). So we decided to do a little bit of an impromptu photo shoot. By 'we' I really mean 'me' and Jonathan simply entertained me (and did what I asked him to do). Isn't he spunky?

Didn't take long for Ollie to get in on the photo shoot action. I didn't mind!


We then met up with the others and made our way down to the park where the kids had a blast! Gracie even made a friend on the slides. So did Ollie...


I really love Fremantle. Such a great afternoon!

First Day of School

Oh my, I cannot believe I am actually writing this post. First day of School? How did that happen? I swear we were only bringing newborn Gracie home from hospital yesterday. Don't know if you can tell, but I'm finding this very hard to believe. Here she is all dressed and ready for School.

Whilst one side of me is not sure about this new embarkment, there is also the other side of me which knows we are very ready for the adventure. My baby girl has grown and developed so much, especially this last six months. Since Oliver was born just over a year ago, she has had a lot of adjusting to do. Sharing mummy was definitely one of the biggest adjustments. Now that Ollie is walking (running) everywhere and knows what he wants (and what he doesn't want) and can quite clearly communicate that (even if it is not in the way Gracie would like), there is a whole lot of new adjusting that she has had to do. It has been a challenge for her sweet soul. She can be very sensitive and for her, quality time and undivided attention is what fills her up the most. Trying to teach her that I cannot give her my full attention always when she wants it, has been hard. In her eyes, how is it that there could possibly be something more important than what she wants to show me at that very moment? But she is learning.

She attended 3 Year Old Kindy one day a week last year which was the best thing we could have done to prepare her for School. It took her almost 3/4 of the year to finally be happy to be left without any tears but we got there, only to finish a term later to start in a new place. Whilst intellectually I feel she is ready, I was uncertain if emotionally and socially she had the confidence to start school. She can be quite nervous and shy around other children and very fearful of new situations.  So as you can imagine I was expecting a tight grip and lots of water works on our first day of school.

Oh how she proved me wrong!!!

We arrived at 8.30, put our bag and drink bottle in their right places and sat on the mat to complete a puzzle together before the bell went. When it came time for me to leave, she asked if I could sit on the mat with her. But I just gave her a quick cuddle and kiss and told her I'd be back at lunch time and that was it. She sat on the mat with all her peers and waved goodbye.  I could not have been prouder of my beautiful girl. She was so brave.

She had talked about school almost non-stop for 2 days before the first day. I think nearly every one of her dolls "went to school with Miss Kenna". We had constant role playing. "Mummy I'm Miss Kenna and you are the girl. Now Mummy you are Miss Kenna and I'm in the classroom". She positively reassured me and all her dolls that "it is OK because Mummy will be back very soon". Never underestimate the power of role playing. I whole heartily believe that all this playing we did allowed her to work through all her feelings and prepare herself for what was to come.

So two days in a row now and we've had no tears. Only a continual stream of commentary about school and what Miss Kenna does. I think we can call it, first day, complete success!