Sunday, 1 December 2013

Oliver goes to Hospital

It's been months since my last post and Oliver's birthday. I had started writing this post ages ago and had forgotten to finish it. A lot has happened. The birthday party was a good distraction (so was the cake). Anything to keep my mind occupied from worrying about Oliver's impending visit to the hospital.

Our little boy has been suffering with chronic constipation since he was about 3 months old. It affected his sleep greatly and his whole personality in general. It was amazing just how much he changed once he was put on some very strong medication that actually gave him some comfort. It's not surprising at all really that a person's whole being would be affected by such pain. You certainly wouldn't know there was anything wrong with him, looking at his bubbly, smiley and cheeky personality now!

But we still have not found the cause of the problem. We are in the process of eliminating possibilities. This led us to a biopsy of the bowel, which involved a general anaesthetic. The procedure itself is very quick and Oliver experienced almost no pain post surgery but the general anaesthetic was the thing I was most concerned about.

We went into the hospital at 7am and began the waiting process. The nurses checked Oliver in, took his many observation details and we spent the morning trying to keep our little man entertained.

Around 9am we put Ollie in his little gown (he looked so cute, don't you agree?) and soon after, Oliver and I were taken down to operating theatre on a bed. Daddy stayed behind as only one parent was allowed to come down to theatre with Ollie.

And this is the part I was dreading. Watching Ollie go under the anaesthetic. We had been prepared that it can be quite distressing watching the babies go under. They can get quite upset as they have no idea what is happening and it can be really uncomfortable. But this is where the real miracle of the day happened. Just as we were waiting outside theatre, Ollie fell asleep on my chest. He hasn't done this since he was an infant! He had been given no drugs or anything. He just fell asleep! We were wheeled into the operating theatre, I gently moved Oliver to the table. The anaesthetist placed the mask over his face and before I knew it, he was under. Not even a flinch. The nurses and Anaesthetist were in shock. They had never seen this happen before. The room was filled with such peace. Praise God. I knew a lot of people had been praying for Oliver that morning and our prayers were certainly answered here.

15 minutes later, it was all done and I was called back down to get Ollie who was a little less than peaceful. Actually I could hear him screaming from down the hallway. He was very disoriented and very, very hungry. He had been fasting since the night before and now was starving! He downed a bottle and still was hungry for more. We were wheeled back up to the ward and after a second bottle, Oliver settled down and was ready for lots of cuddles.

An hour later and after a few bickies, we had some smiles and a glimpse of our happy little man. We have since got the results and all came back all clear. So we are continuing treatment with the paediatrician but we are relieved there seems to be nothing more sinister at play. We're grateful for everyone's thoughts and prayers. We know God was definitely looking after our little boy this day.