Monday, 21 October 2013

Happy Birthday to my little sister.

I had a bit of a reality check this weekend. My little sister Steph turned 25. She is now in her mid twenties, all grown up! It has kinda crept up on me. I realise she has actually been an adult for some time now but for some reason it really hit me this weekend. We celebrated with her with the family and some of her close friends, including her girlfriend Tracy who flew all the way over from Queensland to be with her for the weekend. It was such a wonderful lunch and even though it was pouring with rain most of the time, the Core Cider House was a lovely place to share a delicious lunch and a few ciders. I really enjoyed seeing Steph so happy and content amongst the people that mean the most to her. So comfortable in her own skin as the beautiful woman she has grown to be.

I'll be honest, Steph and I have had a bit of a rocky relationship throughout our childhood and growing up, but as we've grown into adults, we have grown closer and I'm so appreciative of the time we spend together. I'm so incredibly proud of what she has achieved, working hard up in the mines for years and now as a manager for a large company, she has certainly done herself proud. She is caring and loves her niece and nephew to pieces (She has Gracie's name tattooed on her shoulder... by the way Steph, when are you getting Oliver's name on there? *wink* *wink*).

Happy Birthday Steph! We love you and really hope you had a wonderful time on your special day!