Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Albany Adventures *warning- extremely long, please stick with me. I think it's worth it*

 It's been 9 months since we were last in the beautiful town of Albany. Christmas seems so long ago and I have been starting to feel a bit homesick. I'm not really from Albany myself, but I have spent so much time there over the years, especially growing up, that it feels like a second home. With all my extended family down there, it really does hold a special place in my heart. Plus, as I've often told Jonathan, I'm a country girl at heart and I sometimes think I really should have been born in the country!

Dad, Gracie, Oliver and I set off on Thursday morning after breakfast (poor Daddy was too busy at work and so had to stay behind). After the car broke down just past Armadale, we swapped cars with Jonathan, endured the long 9 hours driving due to the delay, we finally arrived at Uncle Steve and Aunty Jayne's farm, where we were staying in their little holiday cottage next to the main farm house (If anyone ever needs accommodation, I can highly recommend their place, which is available for renting as a holiday house). We were greeted with a delicious Roast Pork with crackling (of course!). The kids were A-Maz-Ing the whole trip down and considering what they had endured that day, they were so well behaved and hardly complained. And let's face it, after 9 hours in the car, anyone would have had enough!

After a good rest Thursday night we spent Friday visiting Trudy and the puppies at the farm out near the Porongorups. We had a lovely day playing with the puppies, feeding the animals and wandering through the fruit trees which have just started fruiting.

 Toro, one of the mischievous two.

Saturday was the day of my cousin Emma's beuatiful little girl, Alia's 1st Birthday and the main reason for our visit.We had a wonderful time celebrating with Alia's closest family and friends. Happy Birthday to a special little lady.
 All dolled up ready to party.

Ollie enjoys some cuddles with Nan Nan (his Great Grandmother).

Time to cut the cake!

We were blessed with a beautiful sun shiny day on Sunday, perfect for relaxing, exploring and jumping in mud puddles.

 This HUGE tree fell down in a storm last week. Unbelievable!

Who said princesses couldn't jump in mud puddles? We certainly don't get mud like this where we live!

When Gracie saw the big red tractor, she absolutely had to have a ride. She was beside herself with excitement, especially when Steve took her for a real drive and even let her steer! (Just quietly, I think Uncle Steve enjoyed it as much as Gracie did!).

Monday came and it was time to head home. But first, I asked Dad if we could make a stop by my Grandad's old farm. It is literally down the road from Uncle Steve's Farm but I haven't been there since I was a teenager. These sheds are exactly the same as when we used to come here with Grandad, although I remember them to be much bigger! Grandad would drive us in his car which smelt of cow poo and hay. I didn't mind the smell. Even now, it just brings back fond memories of my Grandad and exploring the farm. Grandad worked so hard. I remember the gate was always tied with a piece of brown string. Grandad used to always carry around with him a piece of string, because "if it can't be fixed with a piece of string, it can't be fixed". These are just some of the things I remember about my Grandad and the old farm. I think the farm is where he felt most at home. It was what he loved. I feel like there will always be a little part of him here for some reason. Or at least in the land that he cared for and worked so hard for.

We also did a drive by the old house where Uncle Steve and Aunty Jayne and all my cousins used to live, just up the road from these sheds. Emma and I used to ride the horses together here when we were young. Jayne and Emma pretty much taught me how to ride! So many fun and special memories.

Goodbye, sweet country farm air. Until next time!