Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Visiting Aunty Steph's House

My sister Steph moved into her new rental house a few months ago and on Sunday we finally were able to go and visit her and see the beautiful property she is renting a room at in Kalamunda.

This was the view from the veranda just outside the french doors where we sat most of the day. Breathtaking.

We arrived mid morning after a very good drive out East. We weren't too far up into the hills before I quickly could feel myself winding down and relaxing as we breathed in the fresh air and took in the gorgeous views of forest, orchards and green pastures. I'm really a country girl at heart. I think sometimes I was born in the wrong place - should have been born in the country not the city! Gotta be those farming Wood genes in me I think!

We also had the special bonus of Steph's girlfriend Tracy who had flown in from Queensland for a visit this weekend. It was wonderful being able to spend such quality time her, even just for a day! The morning weather was gorgeous and after three days of severe storm weather, the warm sunshine was a welcomed change. So we decided to  take the dogs for a walk to the dam and explore the surrounding property.

Buddy always ready to chase anything that moves.

Good old tyre swing, always good fun!

The neighbours kindly let us have a wander down into their property as well. Such a gorgeous place!

After all the walking, rock skimming and throwing, flower finding and dog chasing, it was time for lunch! A delicious smorgasbord of food. We certainly did not go hungry!

My Gluten free, Dairy free and Egg free Pecan Pie. It was an experiment that definitely paid off. Just quietly, it was DELICIOUS! I also managed to make a Dairy free Caramel sauce which was to die for. Unfortunately there is no photo evidence of the sauce... you have to take my word for it when I say Jonathan just about asked me to marry him again when he tried it!

While Gracie was a bit nervous around the dogs, Ollie was absolutely fascinated and even obsessed by them!

Of course Dad brought the old girl out for a drive. Doesn't she look pretty sitting under the trees?

It was a day full of quality family time enjoying the beautiful landscape we are so richly blessed with in this state. Steph thankyou for having us and you can be expecting us much more often out at your place I think!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

"Fish are Friends, not Food" ~ Bruce the Shark.

AQWA, the Aquarium of Western Australia.

I have been waiting and waiting for just the right time to take Gracie to AQWA for the first time. I knew she would love it and I had wanted her introduction to be a special family outing. When Jonathan had a week's annual leave a few weeks ago, we decided this would be that special time.

I have such fond memories of visiting, the then called Under Water World (who remembers that?), as a child and especially special trips with Dad when he would take students from the big kid school where he worked. I would be doted upon by his many students and given special attention all day as we explored and watched the sea come to life.

I hoped that Gracie would form similar fond memories as we explored and discovered together all the wonders that the great oceans hide.

Our first stop was straight down, down, down into the great tunnel. I was so excited to see Gracie's reaction. In the lead up to our visit, Gracie has watched the movie Finding Nemo more times than I can count and aside from Marlin, Nemo and Dory, her favourite character is Bruce the Shark. I had told Gracie we would be on the look out for Nemo and Dory while at AQWA but mostly she wanted to see Bruce. She was rather awe inspired to say the least when she came face to face with "Bruce" the shark.

All round it was a fantastic day creating memories and experiencing new things together. Special all round.

Looking for Nemo.

Found him!

We made 4 trips through the tunnel. Gracie could not get enough of it and Ollie was just as in awe!

Playing in the touch pool.