Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Project 52 - Week 8 Shadow

Dunsborough Taylor Family Holiday 2013

We had a wonderful weekend down in Dunsborough with the in-laws/grandparents/babysitters. The weather was beautiful and we did a whole of lot of very little. The compulsory visit to the Yallingup Coffee Shop, playing on the beach, dip in the pool and even a paddle on a canoe, which was a first for me and Gracie!

Gracie faced a number of fears this weekend. After having our compulsory coffee, we wandered around the Lions Club Markets and there was a little train taking the kids on joy rides. Now Gracie has for some time now been quite fearful and nervous around children she doesn't know. But when she saw the train she asked if she could go on it. So she did...all by herself! She held on pretty tight, but sat very calmly next to a little boy and off she went, out of sight, all by herself! Jonathan and I stood there in disbelief. She came back all smiles and wanted to go again and again. We were so proud.

I'm not sure who was enjoying playing with this more, Gracie or Jonathan!

The resort we stayed in was about 50 metres from the beach and aside from being a little cloudy at times the weather was lovely. We spent quite some time walking and playing in the sand and surf.

The second fear Gracie faced this weekend was going out on the canoe on the big wide ocean. She normally shies away from unknown situations and has been a little nervous about going into the water at the beach. But after only a little coaxing, she was happy to put on the life vest (be it a little big) and go for a paddle. And she LOVED IT!!! She was so relaxed and was happy floating on the water for ages. We were very proud, once again. Our good friend Daniel aka Unky Dan Dan, reminded and encouraged me to keep pushing her. To sit in the fear with her and encourage and support her. It can be hard sometimes especially when she tends to be quite risk averse but I know in the long run, encouraging Gracie to overcome some of her fears will only build strength of character and give her the tools she needs, as she grows older, to be independent and strong.

Thankyou Nanna and Grandpa for a wonderful weekend holiday. Can't wait to do it again!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

A close shave.

For a number of months now, Jonathan has been telling me he wants to buy a razor and get me to shave his head. His hair grows so quick and it seems he needs a hair cut every four weeks. "Think of the money we'll save". Like a true accountant. Sorry Love.

 Now I have NEVER shaved anyone's head nor have I ever gone anywhere near anyone's hair with an attempt to shorten it in any fashion. But this week Jonathan's first ever online purchase (gasp - I know. He was proud as punch) arrived and so today while the kids were slumbering, I attempted a first of my own. And I think it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Oliver 4 months... almost.

My little baby boy Oliver will be 4 months old in just under a week. I know he is growing and changing everyday, but it wasn't until I took these photos that I really realised just how much he has changed in this last week alone. His hair is thinning on the sides and new growth is coming through, much fairer than his baby hair. I think he will look so different without his thick locks of dark hair. I will miss his dark hair. It was so different from anything I had expected when they pulled him out, but it made him uniquely him and I have grown very fond of it. He still has his Mohawk, which refuses to lay down no matter how much brushing I give it. I have half a mind to cut it off, but see previous comment about my fondness about his hair. Plus it's kind of become his trademark. Uniquely Ollie.

Also I have just recently finished my four week course with Clickin Moms, "The Best Darn Beginners Course Ever" (yes that is actually what it was called). I think I previously spoke about wanting to go right back to basics and make sure I have a full understanding before moving on to more challenging concepts. This course was brilliant. Lynne Rigby (check out her website here), the instructor, gave so much information and explained everything so eloquently and simply and really helped me wrap my head around a few concepts that I had been having trouble with, since shooting with my camera completely in manual mode. I now find my photos SOOC (straight out of camera) are more hit than miss, especially when it comes to exposure, which means far less time editing and more photos for keeps. I've just started on a breakout course which is something I can just plug away at in my own time, all about back lighting which I'm excited about. My understanding of lighting has changed. More and more I see situations not for their content alone but as frames of light and shadows. After all, as many photographers have debated over the years, is photography merely capturing the presence or absence of light? What do you think?

I find myself trying to come up with reasons to take photos. Not just reasons, because lets face it, I don't really need a reason, but looking for new lighting situations or new content to photograph. Now having two children, I have doubled my ever available subject matter which is a bonus. So today was Oliver's turn. After being sick with Gastro for 3 days and being absolutely bored out of my brain (you would think I'd be happy doing nothing for a change), I was eager to do something. And picking up my camera was my first stop. There was this gorgeous soft light coming through our living room windows this afternoon so that is where we had a play. I really wanted to focus on and capture some of Oliver's tiny and unique details too. His tiny toes which he always scrunches up. His beautiful long eye lashes (why do boys always have the most amazing eye lashes? Seriously?). His tiny fingers (which he wouldn't stretch out for me, of course). His big blue eyes which always have this sleeping look to them. His perfectly formed lips. His Mohawk and ever changing hair colour. These are some of the things that make up Oliver. My beautiful boy.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Project 52 - Week 6 Texture

Even Oliver thinks that the grass' texture is interesting!