Saturday, 11 August 2012

Water Colour Painting

We were having "one of those days" where it just seemed Miss Gracie had her grumpy pants on all morning. Nothing seemed to be entertaining enough and we had definately watched enough Playschool for one morning. So I decided it was time for a brand new activity - water colour painting! I had bought the water colour pallette a few months ago waiting for such an occasion and today was the day. And it was a huge hit! It entertained her for a WHOLE half an hour, with very little imput from me, except when she tipped the cup of water all over herself. But after a quick removal of pants, she was back to it. It was time to take those grumpy pants off anyway.

Water colour painting = WIN!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Emma's Baby Shower

Emma's Baby Shower went off without a hitch. There was pretty decorations (you may recall seeing similar such pom poms here), yummy food, fun games that had everyone in hysterics and of course lots and lots of beautiful presents to spoil a little girl who is yet to make her big debut into the world. We started with a "guess how many Jelly babies in the Jar" game as people arrived and soon we kicked of the real games with a "What's that body part" game. Guests were required to name body parts on ultra-sounds and can I tell you, it was hilarious listening to everyone trying to figure out what each picture was. This was followed by "Name the baby food" which was equally as challenging. We opened presents, ate more food and showered Emma and her bubba with lots of love. I know she felt quite overwhelmed by people's generosity. You totally deserved it Emma. Bring on September!!

After most of the guests had left, we took some time to take a few shots of Emma with her mum, her sister and her mother in law. Can I just say, you ladies were a delight to photograph and made my job so very easy! I love how much joy you all share so openly. And oh so many laughs!

Emma's Maternity Photoshoot

It was such a privelidge to spend some very precious (all be it, far too short) time with my gorgeous cousin Emma. Emma is pregnant with her first child, a girl, and is due end of September. I thought while I was in Albany, we should try and make some time to take some maternity shots. Emma was absolutely glowing in all her pregnancy beauty. We didn't have long and of course in true Albany style, it was blowing a gale, but I think we still managed to capture some shots of this very special time for Emma. Unfortunately Emma's husband Ben was away working up north this weekend and was not able to be here for the photos. We missed you Ben!

Emma, I hope these photos might be a small way for you to treasure this incredible time and the miracle that you are growing inside of you. I can't wait to meet your precious baby girl! Thankyou for allowing me to photograph you. You are beautiful!