Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Lottery West Playground - Kings Park

We all arose at our usual 7am on Saturday morning and after a yummy pancake breakfast we were out the door and about to head to Bunnings to pick up some supplies for some gardening and other such housey things we had planned for the day. However, as soon as we walked outside and realised just how beautiful a day it was, we quickly decided to bail on our plans and go for a drive; somewhere outdoors, somewhere we hadn't been for a while, somewhere fun! So Kings Park Lottery West Playground was our destination.

Gracie, all rugged up in her tracksuit and beanie couldn't contain herself when we arrived and she saw all the exciting things she could do. She didn't really know where to start! We climbed, we played music, we swung and we slid for most of the morning until she was royally worn out. It was a much better use of our sunny saturday morning if you ask me!