Thursday, 17 May 2012

Gracie's First Haircut

This was a momentous occasion. Gracie's first EVER haircut. I had been putting it off and putting it off for ages because I love her gorgeous blonde ringlet curls so much and I was afraid that if we cut her hair, she would lose them. But the time had come, curly knotty hair is no fun to brush every day and so it was time.

Aunty Rach came along, for moral support, to Kahlia Forbes's Hair and Beauty where mummy gets her hair cut. Kahlia greeted us at the door and I think she was very excited to have to the opportunity to do Gracie's first haircut. We spoke briefly about what we wanted to do and we decided that today would be just a trim, although we still managed to cut off about an inch of hair! You wouldn't know it to look at her because her curls are so tight, but Gracie's hair is really long!

Gracie was so brave. She was a little unsure at first but Kahlia was so gentle and spoke to Gracie about everything she was going to do. She let Gracie hold and spray the water bottle, play with the bright pink hair clips and put on the big black cape.

 Sitting very still for Kahlia. Such a good girl!

Look how long her hair is!


All done! Thank you Kahlia for making Gracie's first haircut a pain free and enjoying experience - for Mummy AND Gracie!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Family Photoshoot

My good friend Erin, asked me a while back if I could come and do a family photo shoot for her, her husband Matt and their beautiful son Isaac. How could I refuse? Not only would this be fantastic experience but I loved being able to give something, precious family memories, that I knew they would really appreciate. We all seek to capture these treasured moments in time, especially once we have children. How they change and grow so fast!

Isaac is a gorgeous, energetic little 1 year old full of life and laughter. He is exactly 12 months younger than Gracie and I had almost forgotten what it was like when Gracie was that age!

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and we had made plans to meet at a park, not too far away, to capture this gorgeous family playing and doing what they do best, being themselves. Isaac LOVES playing with balls so this would be a perfect opportunity to show off his mad skills. However, the rain continued to look threatening throughout the afternoon and it was a bit chilly. Having already postponed the shoot due to rain the weekend before, we decided not to cancel the shoot but relocate to Erin and Matt's lovely home. Along with my most trusted photography mentor and friend, Chris, we headed over late afternoon and it turned out to be a perfect location and it didn't take long for Isaac to warm up to us (he had only just woken from his sleep not long after we got there). We spent about an hour throwing balls, reading stories, playing with bubbles (we did have a bit of a bubble fail but that's another story), practising walking and checking the letterbox all to Isaac's delight.

Thank you Erin, Matt and Isaac for the opportunity to spend the afternoon with you and hopefully capture an essence of your family for you to keep.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Taylor Family holiday to Dunsborough

First of all, apologies for the absence of posts this last month. Between being crazy busy and crazy tired, I'm afraid photo editing and blog posting have taken a back seat. Oh how I've missed it though. However I have finally finished editing photos from our family holiday to Dunsborough, which feels like months ago now (it's more like 3 weeks).

The 6 of us, Nanna, Grandpa, Aunty Rach, Jonathan, Gracie and myself, stayed for 6 relaxing days down at Wyndum Resort in Dunsborough, resting, drinking coffee, exploring the local town's many treasures, drinking coffee, being pampered, oh and did I mention drinking coffee? (If you haven't guessed it, certain members of the Taylor family are addicted to coffee!)

However,the holiday didn't quite start out how we'd hoped. Gracie was cutting her 2 year old molars and ran a high temp for the first 2 days of the holiday. It wasn't all bad, as since there were a few of us and the weather wasn't brilliant for the first few days, we took it in turns to stay in with Gracie.

Poor darling was miserable! Teeth are no fun!

Rach, Jonathan and I did manage to go into Dunsborough the first day for coffee at the Yallingup coffee house. Some of the best coffee I've had in a while and a lovely place to sit on a rainy day.


The second day, Gracie started to pick up a little so we ventured out to the mini putt putt course at the resort. I think Gracie enjoyed watching Daddy and Grandpa attempt to get hole-in-ones more than playing herself!

The third day we ventured into Busselton and went for a stroll along the foreshore. We were going to ride the train down the jetty and back but it was fully booked for the morning. So after a relaxing afternoon back at the resort, we went back late in the day to ride the train. Gracie loved the train, especially the driver who was dressed as an old fashioned train driver. She even had the courage to ask if she could drive the train! We then stayed at the Jetty and enjoyed a beautiful dinner at The Goose restaurant. Such a beautiful place, overlooking the ocean and the jetty as the sun sets on another gorgeous day.

The next day we took Gracie to Country Life Animal Farm. We were greeted by dozens of hungry, happy animals eager to say hello. We quickly found out they were after one thing - CARROTS! We were given 3 small buckets of carrot sticks and we were free to wander around the farm and feed all the animals. It seems this farm runs on carrots. I have never seen so many carrots in all my life. All the animals, from the guinea pigs and chickens to llamas and cows, all LOVE carrots. Some much more eager than others as Jonathan and Rachel quickly found out, when they were almost attacked by hungry llamas, sheep and goats.

Gracie loved "driving" the tractor. Concentration tongue was even needed.

Our last morning, we took a stroll down to the beach and Gracie had fun searching for shells with Nanna while we breathed in the last few moments of our holiday.

Thank you Taylor family for a lovely holiday once again! Here's to next year!