Sunday, 15 April 2012

Taylormade Woodchip: Mark II

Yes it is true! Gracie is soon to be a big sister. Jonathan and I are so excited to announce we are expecting baby number 2 in November. And to mark the occasion, Grandad came over this week to help us paint the feature wall in Gracie's soon-to-be new room. We are slowly getting the room ready for the big move into her "big girl bed" in the coming weeks. And we thought it was quite fitting to tie in our good news at the same time. Gracie had fun "helping" Grandad, as you can see, and she was quite excited by the colour (so pleased! Just quietly, so was I!).

 Gracie, in the mean time, don't grow up too fast! You will always be my baby girl!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

An afternoon at the beach

Easter kind of came and went for us this year. After all the birthday shennanigans for Gracie over the past two weeks, I had almost completely forgotten about Easter. It didn't really help that on Tuesday, I came down with a really bad sinus infection. Boo. I hate being sick. So I must admit, I spent most of Easter feeling very sorry for myself and annoyed I couldn't get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we had been blessed with this long weekend. However, by Monday I was feeling quite a bit better and I just couldnt resist getting out and spending some real quality time with my two favourite people (who had been putting up with poor old sick me for the past week).

So we headed down to Burns Beach for coffee and ice cream and a spontaneous walk down to the beach. The sunshine was so gorgeous and balmy and there was a really lovely holiday sort of mood down at the cafe. People walking dogs, enjoying their afternoon tea and shairng time with family. We treated Gracie to her first ever Chocolate Paddle Pop which she definately enjoyed (as you can see). I also took the opportunity to take some snaps of Jonathan playing with Gracie (he's been complaining that there aren't too many good pictures of him with Gracie). How was your Easter?

 "Please can I have some Daddy?"

 Gracie took this picture. I think it was rather artistic!