Monday, 24 July 2017

Dwellingup Adventures

For us, 2017 has been the year for slowing down. After 2016 leaving us exhausted and weary, we made a very conscious decision to slow things down and give ourselves a year for resting and reconnecting. Well this weekend was exactly that. It was only two nights away but it was filled with rest, wonderful memories, nurturing nature connection and truly special family time. We booked ourselves into a cute little cottage hidden away in the Dwellingup Forest, equipped with a cosy wood fire to keep us warm.


It rained everyday but this only created more adventure and made everything magical. We spent many hours exploring the 5 acre property and beyond and even found a section of the Bibblumen Track. Gracie found lots of magical moss and we were sure there must have been lots of fairies in the forest.

 On top of Daddy's shoulders, the highest place on earth!

Across the bridge we found the biggest muddy puddle we've ever seen! Good thing we packed the gum boots! 


 Gracie wanted to take some photos of Mummy. I think she did a pretty good job!


 Not a bad view to sit and drink my cup of tea on the deck.

We made a spontaneous decision to take a ride on the Hotham Valley Steam Train and I'm so glad we did. It was a truly amazing experience. This train was awe inspiring and we all had an absolute blast. We loved hearing the engine working hard to get up the hills and the kids especially loved the train whistle.

 Kids totally relaxed watching the world go by to the sounds of the chuffing train.

On our last day we took a drive through the national park down to the river. We visited the old camp site where Jonathan used to camp fairly regularly with his Uni mates and he loved reminiscing about the fun and adventures he had visiting here.

The river was really high and flowing very fast.

 "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot"... Jonathan was sad to see the place they used to camp was now a carpark.


We decided to do some more exploring and take a walk along one of the trails. Little did we know it was an incredibly steep climb up one of the big hills. Oliver took charge, however, and confidently led us up the "mountain". I was so impressed and proud of both of them who climbed for almost 2km up the steep hill and then back down again, without any complaints. Little champions!

All in all a wonderful weekend and wonderful memories made. We will definitely come back to Dwellingup again, such a beautiful place so close to Perth.